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360turbines is currently working with and alongside companies in Europe, USA, India, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia, Africa and South East Asia. We work with a number of companied who manufacture hot path components and can supply complete sets or replacement parts as per our customers’ requirements. With office hours from 0500 to 2200 GMT we have people ready to talk to our customers regardless of their local time zone. We are also open Saturday and Sunday to meet the needs of our Middle East customers. See full list of Turbines available below:

Reference NoQuantityTurbine DescriptionYear of ManufactureDate uploaded
50670210Caterpillar XQC1600, new/never installed, In CAT warehouse
5067001Used  34MW GE LM2500+ DLE Aeroderivative combined cycle power plant in good condition is for sale. 50hz. Dual fuel.
506993New/Surplus TM2500+ generator packages, available for immediate delivery, DUAL FUEL 50/60HZ
506981Avon Gas Generator - AEI Power Turbine-AEI Reduction Gear-AC Generator and Exciter-General Lubrication System-Air Filtration System-Electrical and Control System
506971500 kva Cummings, only test hours, Fuel: diesel, 50Hz
5069611000 kva Cummings, only test hours, Fuel: diesel, 50Hz
5069522800 kva Mitsubishi’s, only test hours, Fuel: diesel, 50Hz
506944FT4, 44mw @ 60Hz CAN BE SWITCHED TO 50 HZ OUT PUT 42.5, Only 500 to 1000 hrs since overhaul and13,000 total running hours, dual fuel
506931Generac 600 KW Diesel generator Doosan Engine model #OG9353, Less than 4 hours run time, it is in new condition
5069219MW Wartsila power plant never used, Engine type: type 20W32, Generator Wartsila AVK DIG167F/8; 111 KV; 50 Hz - 750min, 11250 KVA with Pf 0,8
506911800mw Coal fired power plant, 50Hz
506903Never used 12MW x 3 units( 50HZ) gas turbine gensets, MAN THM1304-12, NOx emissions:50 mg/Nm3(ref. to 15% O2dry)
506896NEW XQ1475G containerized self-contained power module with paralleling controls, Rated 1475KW Continuous. 50/60HZ.
506884NEW TM2500 Mobile Gas Turbine Generator (MGTG) set is a trailer-mounted mobile power package
50687160 MW Wartsila Natural Gas Power Plant Consists of (6) 9730 KW Wartsila 20V34SG Natural GasEngines and AVK Alternators, 11 KV, 50 HZ, low running hours
50686112,000 KVA Perking engines Diesel Power Plant Installed - 9 CONTAINERIZED GENERATORS WITH PERKINS ENGINES AND STAMFORD ALTERNATORS - Low hours
506851Never used Wartsila 9000 KWe / 11250 KVA at powerfactor 0,8, 11KV, 50 Hz / 750/min, hot water, 7500 KWth thru Exhaust Gas, -HT and –LO systems.
506842Brand New Solar Taurus 60’s with Ultra Low Nox 50 or 60 HZ, Stainless Steel Enclosures for Offshore use
506835 GENUINE SOLAR REBUILT T-60 T7301 WITH SOLAR WARRANTY, These Solar T 60TM units had about 4500 life hours before Solar TurbinesTM overhauled them
506823 NEVER USED 2500KW DIESEL GENSET , Engine model:20V4000G43, Engine type:4 stroke, water cooled, Alternator Hyundai/Korea Type:HFC7638-4P
50681120,800 KW STEAM TURBINE POWER PLANT (SIEMENS, 60HZ) Generator Capacity: 20800KW(26000KVA)
506802MAN Turbo Germany 9MW Gas turbines, 60HZ, Model: THM1304-D, 37K hours, Generator Make:Brush(U.K), Supply system:6600V,3P,60HZ
5067921Never used1980KW Diesel Geneset Korean, 50HZ, HFO Fuel
506781Never used 81MW Gas Turbine Geneset GE/Hitachi, 50HZ, Simple cycle, Generator Voltage: 11000V, Electric output rate: 77000KW
506771Solar Taurus 60 New GENERATOR END - 5700KW, 6706KVA Kato AC synchronous generator, Model AA28154000; code 4P10.7-3600; S/N: 20683-06; 3phase, 50 hz, 7621/13,200V
506764Westinghouse W501D5, 100me each. 2 X Generators Rated Power : 129(143) MW(MVA) 60Hz, LNG Fuel, Total 400mw power plant. Averave 40K total running hours
506753GE Frame 6B turbine combined cycle power plant, 180mw, 50HZ, Very low running hours 28k, 47k, and 56k,
506741119 MW (7 X 17) HFO Fuel plant. 11 KV / 110 KV, ABB AMG 1600 SS12 DSEB self-cooled, brushless, synchronous. Voltage:11000V, with adjustment range +5 - 10% - 50Hz
506732GE Frame 6B Rotors, 60,000 and 70,000 total running hours
506726Rolls Royce engine & ABB generators, 5587kw unit x 2 units +4190kw x 4 units,
506714STX-NIIGATA model 16V34HLX. Fuel HFO/Diesel. Rated at 7789 kw, 50 hz, 600 rpm, Hyundai Alternator11kV
506701GE Frame 6B Combined Cycle Power Plant of 53.5 MW capacity, 60,000 hours from new, only 323 hours run since rotor overhaul
506691Complete back pressure steamturbine plant, back pressure 7 bar, 165°C untill 9 bar 175° C, total hours: 60.000 excellent condition
506681Siemens SGT5 - 4000, 450MW Combines Cycle Power Plant with 1 X GT, 1 X HRSG, 1 x ST and full BOP fired with NG, in excellent condition
506671Siemens SGT5 - 4000, 410MW Combines Cycle Power Plant with 1 X GT, 1 X HRSG, 1 x ST and full BOP fired with NG, in excellent condition
506661Siemens SGT5 - 4000, 400MW Combines Cycle Power Plant with 1 X GT, 1 X HRSG, 1 x ST and full BOP fired with NG, in excellent condition
506652MAN 18V32/40 PGI with Hyundai 11032KVA Generator 9 MW each - LFO UNUSED 50 Hz with 1 year warranty.
506642Taurus 60: 5,200 kW /NG/ 3PH-60HZ-4,160V (LoNox)
506632Taurus 60: 5,670 kW /NG/ 3PH-50HZ-6,600V (LoNox)
506624Taurus 60 Mobile: 5,670 kW /NG/ 3PH-60HZ-13,800V (LoNox)
506612NEW Taurus 60: 5,670 kW /DUAL/ 3PH-60HZ-4,160V (LoNox)
506603Taurus 70: 7,520 kW /NG/ 3PH-50HZ-11,000V (LoNox)
506592Taurus 70: 7,520 kW /NG/ 3PH-60HZ-4,160V (LoNox)
5065844 X 3 T130 Power Plants, 15MW X 3 (45MW) or 15MW X 6 (90MW) 60hz, No conversion charge to 50Hz if 6 units purchased.
50657125 MW Power Station. 15 pc. FG Wilson P2000E with oversize LL9124L Leroy Somer alternators, Rated prime power: 2000 kVA/1600 kW, 3x415V-50 Hz
506562Cummings 500KW Skid Mounted Generators, Engine VTA28G1 - 738 & 776 T.T Hours - 1800 RPM - 50HZ,Radiator - Silencers - 120/208 Volts - 12 Wire - Can Be Wired 480 Volt
506551Model 3508B, 1000kW standby/910kW prime/835kW continuous, S#1FZ01774, low BSFC, 277/480V, 60Hz, 3ph, 380 hours
5065410XQ1475G 1475 KW (1844 KVA) NEW, Natural GAS
506534New/Surplus TM2500+ available for immediate delivery
506521Unused/New 12 cylinder HFO Genset W12V32, 5.3 MW, Generator type ABB AMG 0900LP08 DSE
5065121Never installed Doosan-MAN Diesel Gen Sets and Generators. 1.8MW - 50Hz. Model 9L21/31
506505Wartsila 7290kw Diesel generator - Model:W18V32, 60Hz, Operation hours:approx. 22,000hours, 18 cylinder,
5064975New (With test hours only) Cummins 1250 KW Containerized Diesel Generators, Voltage: 440V/480V, Frequency: 60 HZ, Fuel: Diesel Fuel201019/03/2018
506481New LM 6000 PC-SPRINT, 50 Hz , 11,5 kV - 60MW, Natural Gas. 64/80 MVA - 11,5/154 kV Set Up Transformer (1), 2500 kVA 11,5/0,4 kV Oil İmmersed Transformer (1)
2007 - Never installed16/03/2018
5064710USED XQ2000/3516B - ex-rental 50Hz, Overhauls and all maintenance records available
5064612 New CAT XQC1600, 50/60Hz Switchable Rating, 400v- 1515Kw @ 50Hz, 480V - 1705 @ 60Hz
506454Used - Factory Rebuilt – IN STOCK – 4 units, 5.2MW 60HZ SOLAR TAURUS T60 TM MOBILE/STATIONARY GAS TURBINE
506442NEW Taurus 60 - 5.67MW each, Dual fuel (gas or liquid) SoLoNOx, 3 stage, 60Hz
506435UNUSED MAN 18V32/40   9 mw, 50Hz/60Hz
506421Used steam boiler, brand: Viessmann Vitomax 200 HS (Germany), type: M235073, capacity 6000 kg steam/h, 
506411Used steam boiler, brand: LOOS (Germany), capacity 3200 kg steam/h, 10 bar, volumn 2650 liters, 184°C, power 2136 kW
506401Used steam boiler, producer: Viessmann, type: Vitomax 200 HS - M235 031, Capacity of 4000 kg of steam per hour
506391Used water boiler for central heating, manufacturer LOOS, Thermal power; 11,2 MW, Max pressure: 0,6 Mpa (6 bar), Max water temperature: 110°C
506381Used steam boiler, brand: Viessmann, Vitomax 200 HS type M235 037 ÜH, heating: natural gas, Boiler output 8 MW
506371Used steam boiler plant, brand: astebo GmbH (former HOVAL) AUSTRIA, type: THSD-I 8000, efficiency: 8 t steam/h (5216 kW), Fuel heat output: 5490 kW
506368Used Cat XQ60 & XQ175 Mobile Generators 60HZ - 60kW - 175kW ex rental
506356New Caterpillar XQ1475G Power Module powered by Caterpillar G3516C, Rated 1475KW Continuous. 50/60HZ
506343MAN THM 1304 Never used 12MW, x3units (50HZ) gas gen-sets201307/03/2018
50633134MW MHPS(Hitach)(Japan) /Siemens(Germany) Power Plant201206/03/2018
5063219FA.03/ 9FA+e / PG 9351 FA nominal power 250 MW
5063110Cummins Natural Gas Generators. Model C2000 N6C; Engine Model QSV91G with a power output of 2000 kW; a frequency of 60 Hz; 13800 Voltage201406/03/2018
506306Rolls Royce, HFO fuel gensets, 27.9Mw in total. New/Surplus with zero hours. (x2 B32:40V12 - 5,587kW ea) & (x4 B32:40L9A - 4,190kW ea). 60Hz, 6,600Volts. 720 rpm201714/02/2018
506295CAT 3516C-HD gensets, New/Surplus with zero hours. Kato Generators, 6P7-3000 1500kW each. 60Hz, 600Volts. Diesel fuel. Sold with warranty.201707/02/2018
506287P&W FT8's. Duel fuel/frequency. Only 400hrs, required for maintenance. Total of 175Mw/50Hz - 210Mw/60Hz. 132kV200807/02/2018
506271GE Gas turbine, Model PG6111, Unused/zero hours. 50Hz, gas fuel only. 77Mw output at 11,000 volts. 201107/02/2018
506265Wartsila Gensets. Model W18V32. 7,290kW each. 60Hz,13,800 Volts, RPM 720, Diesel fuel. Condition, dismanteled since 2017, ready to ship. Low hours, 22,000.200131/01/2018
506257CAT 3516B Diesel gensets, 1600kW each (x6/50hz - x1/60Hz). New/Surplus, unused. 6,600Volts201131/01/2018
506231Wartsila HFO Power plant, 26Mw, 50Hz , 11kV . Model:18V32 LN diesel engines prime movers, ABB generatot. Only 59,000 hours199810/01/2018
50622160mw Wartsila complete used power plant. Consisting of x6 20V34SG. 50Hz, Fuel: Natural Gas, Only 21,000 operating hours201210/01/2018
506211GE Frame 7FA GTG, model PG7241 60Hz , 171Mw, fuel: Natural gas only, new surplus, zero hour201007/12/2017
506194Wartsila 6L26D gensets. 1950kW each at 900 Rpm. 60hz., AVK generator. New/Surplus with zero hours. Fuel Diesel201230/11/2017
5061820Doosan-MAN 50Hz gensets. 1,881kW output at 6,600v, New/Surplus, with zero hours. Run on HFO fuel. 201327/11/2017
506173Detroit MTU 2500kW, 60Hz ,Diesel fuel. YOM 2009 buy only have nine (9) hours08/11/2017
5061612Caterpillar MAK Model 16CM32, gensets, new/surplus with zero hours. 60Hz 11kV, no radiator88 M/WATTS 60 HZ201402/11/207
5061510Cummins 1250 KW Cummins QSK45-G4 Containerized Diesel gebsets. 480/240V 60Hz. 20hrs-80hrs- test hours only. 201031/10/2017
506143MTU Genset, engine model: 20V4000G43, 2500kWh each, 60Hz. Hyundai generator HFC7638-4P rated at 2500kW, 440Volts. Diesel fuel, unused 201131/10/2017
506131MWM Gogeneration plant. Based on MWM TCG 2032 V16 gas fuel engines, Electrical output 4.3Mw, Thermal output 4.3Mw, (total CHP output 17.22Mw). 50Hz, 10kV201126/09/2017
506126EMD genset. Model L12-710G78. 60Hz, 6,600Volts, 3 phase, 2730kW each. (22.38Mw in total) Diesel fuel. Generator by Kato, 200805/09/2017
506111Solar Taurus 60 T7901S generator set, Installed new In 2012. 5,670 kW. 3 Phase, 60 Hertz, 4,160 Volt. Natural Gas. SoLoNox. Only 15,000hrs201227/08/2017
506071Deutz (MWM) power plant, 24,301Mwe. 50Hz 11kV gas fuel. Consisting of x5 TBG 632V16 Deutz + x1 TCG 2032 V16 MWM + x1 Cat G3520 B genset. 15,800 hrs15/08/2017
506061Deutz (MWM) power plant, 4.850kVA each ( 9,336kW) 50hz, 11kV. Consists of x2 TBG V16 Deutz engines. Natural gas fuel, 46,300 and 45,300 hours respectively.200315/08/2017
506051Wartsila W20V32 Generator set. Cogeneration Bio-fuel plant. New, zero hours. 50Hz, 11KV, nominal load 9,000kWe200815/08/2017
506041Solar Taurus 70 (10801S) Output 7.5kW . New surplus , zero hours. Natural gas fuel. 60Hz, 3 phase. Voltage 4,160.201415/08/2017
506031Cummins QSV-91 C1540, 20 cylinder, 60Hz. 2,928Kw, 480 Volts. Natural gas fuel. Stamford generator.201519/07/2017
5060095Deutz diesel generator sets, new surplus. 50Hz/60Hz, outputs range from 10kW-150kW. 220/380Volts - 240/415Volts, 3 phase.201019/07/2017
505993MAN THM1304-12 12000KW Gas turbines. YOM 2013 New surplus. 50Hz , 3 phase, 6,600 Volts201319/07/2017
505982Solar Taurus 60 turbine generators. Models (7901S-GSC) and (7901SA), 50 Hz, 6.6 kV. Nattural gas. Both packages have less that 30,000 hrs.200924/06/2017
505974Centrax Packages CX 501 KB7 (siemens) 5.4MW, 11KV, 50 Hz, Diesel fuel with very limited use, less than 2000 fired hours since installation200912/06/2017
5059517Caterpillar XQ2000 IPP 2000kVA gensets, 50/60Hz switchable, CAT 3516B engine. Diesel fuel, All in excellent condition with an average of 3,000 hrs12/05/2017
505942Solar T-60 Gas Turbines, 60Hz, 5.6Mw each, 4,160V, 3Phase, 972 Amps,SoLoNox, Duel fuel (gas or Liquid)12/05/2017
505935Capstone Micro Turbines, 1000kw each. sold with refurbished honeywell T-53 GT's very good condition & totally enclosed. Gas fuel only. 50hz or 60hz capable201417/04/207
505912Frame 6 MS6581B GTG package with ISO 43MW Rating, 50 Hz. Complete & brand new. 201703/04/2017
505905Solar Taurus T-60, 5.2 Mw each, fully refurbished, with factory warranty. Enclosed skid mounted, natural gas fuel 23/03/207
505896Wartsila 18V50DF, 60 Hz, Tri-fuel gensets. 13.8kV, 3 phase. 18Mw each. New-Surplus, zero houred. 10/03/2017
5058818Mw Solar Taurus T70 cogen package. 50Hz 11,000 hrs.10bar HRSG boiler, currentely under power & can be load tested / inspected. 23/02/2017
50587160Mw GE LM6000 Combined Cycle Power Plant, 50Hz. Still under power with 22,000 operating hours since new.200909/02/2017
505861Solar Taurus 60 Turbine, duel fuel, 50hz 11kV, Model T-7301, fully overhauled. Mobile unit. 23/01/2017
505832Caterpillar 3516B gas fuel generator sets. Surplus, zero hours. Rated at 2250 kw/2812 kva Standby, 60 hz, 12470 v, 1800 rpm, 3 phase, 0.8 PF. 200723/01/2017
505805Caterpillar 3516 Diesel gensets with less that 200 operating hours. 50/60hz200405/01/2017
505731GE LMS100 gas turbine/generator package. 50 Hz, new zero hours05/12/2016
50572152Mw (x7 16V32/40 MAN) HFO power plant, 50 Hz. Only 8,000 hrs04/12/2016
505671Solar mars 100 , new zero hours, 50 Hz gas fuel.23/11/2016
50555170MW Siemens Westinghouse CCPP, 50 hz25/10/2016
5054812. 95MW Wartsila power plant. 50 hz25/10/2016
505414GE Frame 6 PG 6541B, 50Hz, Duel fuel, DLM combustion, 40Mw otput. Low hours. Operated in open cycle. 199010/10/2016
505371LM6000, 41Mw, duel fuel. 50Hz, Turbine YOM 2010, Generator YOM 1996. Full service history available201020/09/2016
505361LM6000 , 50Mw Combined Cycle Power Plant, 50hz, total running hours 90K. Fuel natural gas, 50hz20/09/2016
505321DEUTZ 10Mw Power Plant. Natural gas fuel. 50hz. Engine Model TBG632V16. Complete overhauled by DEUTZ German Xchange centre. Dismanteled & ready to go200930/06/2016
505317EMD DM3508 Engine Gen Sets. Diesel fuel, 3580KW, 11,000V, 60 Hz, Marine application, Can run at 50Hz. With reduction in engine RPM.30/06/2016
505301SOLD: LM6000 Gas Turbine Power Plant, 180Mw CCPP. Consists of x 3 LM600's + STG + HRSG. 50 hz200519/06/2016
505274Caterpilar 3516B , Brand new, 50Hz. Diesel fuel, 2000 Kva, containerised, New surplus, zero houred. 19/06/2016
505232Wartsila -Two identical twin 140MW Wartsila 13 x 10MW W20V34GS combined cycle power plants. 50hz. Runs on natural gas. Only 2,000 operational hours201129/05/2016
505224LM2500 currently 60Hz but can be converted to 50HZ. Currently runnining ofn diesel but can be converted to gas. 800-18,00 operating hours200029/05/2016
50521439Mw GE Frame 6 (PG6541) Gas Turbine generators. 50/60Hz, duel fuel. open cycle,199024/05/2016
505201130Mw CC Power plant. Based on Frame 6B, duel fuel gas turbines x 2 + HRSG. 50Hz (Qty 2 identical 65Mw plants - 1 GTG +1 STG +1 HRSG)200524/05/2016
505171Caterpillar G3520 C Natural gas genset. New surplus, zero running hours. 50Hz. Contaierised. Nominal voltage 400 Volts. RPM 150016/05/2016
505161Caterpillar G3520E (2.000kWe) gen set. Natural gas, CHP 50Hz, 22,000 operating hours16/05/2016
505151Caterpillar G3516E (1.616KwE) Natural gas generator CHP, 50Hz 19,500 operating hours16/05/2016
505132Solar Saturn 20 (T1601) Can operate on 50/60Hz. 1210Kw output.15/05/2016
505127Used Caterpillar G3520 Natural Gas Generator Sets. Rated at 2055kw / 2714kva Standby, 2671hp, 60hz, 13.8kv,1800rpm, hrs range between 700 & 1500.15/05/2016
505111New Solar Taurus T70, 7.5MW, natural gas, 4160v, 60Hz generator15/05/2016
505091Solar Taurus 130, 60 Hz. 15Mw. New , zero hours + Rentech HRSG 60,000 lb/hr (unfired) 160,00 lb (fired) steam 35 psig @ 362F15/05/2016
505082Kawasaki Diesel Turbine, 1,300kW , enclosed, 4160 Volts, 60Hz. with only 500hrs, almost new. 21/04/2016
505072SGT-400 Trailer mounted 12.9Mw output at 60Hz (can be converted to 50Hz) Only 40-60 operating hours, as new21/04/2016

Items Wanted

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