Three Sixty Turbines Middle East FZE

IMG_0174 360 Turbines is delighted to announce that we have opened our new trading office “Three Sixty Turbines Middle East FZE” in Sharjah UAE. The Middle East continues to be a strategic region with significant growth opportunities for our company. We currently have a large stock of turbines and turbine components in our Sharjah Depot including GE frame 9, 6 and 5 buckets and nozzles, Frame 5N Thermal blocks, Frame 5LA rotors, Frame 5P power plants, TG20 rotors and TG16 rotors. In addition we are now supplying new GE Frame 5, 6 and 9 rotors through our Sharjah office.

Our new office is located at: E LOB Office No. E-75G-34, P.O. Box 52510, Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, Sharjah, UAE 

Feel Free to contact one of our growing team through our web sitecontacts or contact Denis directly on +353 87 6209665