2 X 5587KW ( 60HZ) Rolls Royce B32:40V12A genset

Make: Rolls-Royce(Norway), Manufacturing year: 2015
Model:B32:40V12A, Rated Power(Mechanical):5760kW
Rated Power(Electrical):5587kW, Number of Cylinders:12
Engine speed:720, Fuel: HFO, Heavy duty type, Turbocharged, Water cooled,
Fuel consumption(g/kWh):184, Lubricating oil consumption(g/kWh):0.8
Cooling Water temp. engine outlet temperature:90 degree, Certificated meet IMO Teir 2,
Size:6040mm x2712mmx4526mm(H), Weight Approx.:56ton, Marine classfication:DNV /Offshore,
Ambient temperature:55 degree

(Generator 1)
Make:ABB, Manufacturing year: 2015, 5587kW, Voltage:6600V
Current:611A, Frequency:60HZ, RPM:720, Power factor:0.8, Direction of rotating:CCW
Size:3590mm x2490mm x3010mm(H), Weight:20.2ton

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